About Staa

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. -Pablo Picasso

Who can imagine living in a world without art? 

Take a moment and imagine no pictures, no painting, no sculptors, or architect....... No creativity in the form of art would exist. 

According to the American Association of Museums, an alarming number of museums are considering mergers with other institutions or closing. Even more staggering, Americans for the Arts estimates that 10,000 US non-profit arts organizations will close in the next three to five years. We MUST protect the arts by increasing its awareness and  influence on everyday lives. The way must be paved "NOW" for future generations to express themselves.

Save the Arts Awards is committed to acknowledging and preserving the great works of art created by those who have gone unrecognized. These artists have made major contributions to the art and design of our great global societies. It is up to us to preserve its future. So therefore, Save the Arts Awards is acting now to do so. We are working to protect what is valuable to each of us –to bridge the gap between communities –to create "ONE" great art community. We are preserving the "world of visual arts."

Save the Arts Awards